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I love these freebies, yes you pay for shipping but it is so minimal for what you get.  I love trying all these new types of diapers!! Plus these little kits are great to add into a  baby shower gift!!

Choose a free trial kit of Diapers & Wipes and/or our Family Care essentials. Pay only $5.95 for shipping and handling. You’ll be automatically enrolled in our monthly service* – cancel the service at any time.

Ordering our Free Trial Kit(s) enrolls you as an EverydayHappy MEMBER. You can cancel any time for any reason. If you choose not to cancel your membership within 7 days of receiving your Free Trial Kit(s), you will be charged $79.95 + $5.95 S&H for your monthly Diapers & Wipes bundle, and $39.95 + $5.95 S&H for your monthly Family Care bundle, or $119.90 + $5.95 for both monthly bundles.

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Kate Bissett Swarovski Crystal Eternity Band $3.99 each

Kate Bissett Swarovski Crystal Eternity Band

Kate Bissett Swarovski Crystal Eternity Band

$3.99 each

Shipping is $3.00 for the first item.  Each additional ring shipping is $1.00!

Genuine Swarovski Elements Stack Rings for $3.99! Get them while they last! The Kate Bissett Swarovski Crystal Eternity Band is a beautiful signature piece in our collection. It is made with genuine Swarovski elements, ensuring the most “bling” out of your crystals and is set in a beautiful channel set eternity band with genuine rhodium / platinum or 14k yellow gold plating.

These make great gifts!!  Remember this is a daily deal so hurry and purchase today!

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$1/1 Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites Coupon

Fisher® NUT EXACTLY is now available at Walmart!

Save $1.00 on ONE (1) package of Fisher® NUT EXACTLY™ Snack Bites, 5 oz.

You love snacking. But you want to feel good about the snack you love. You hunger for delicious ingredients with a satisfying crunch, but also a touch of sweetness. Made with roasted almonds and whole grain popcorn dipped in creamy milk chocolate, you’ve got a poppable bite-size snack that will keep you coming back for more. And more will never feel like too much.

It’s not exactly almonds. It’s not exactly popcorn. It’s not exactly milk chocolate. It IS exactly every snack you’ve always wanted. It’s Fisher® NUT EXACTLY™ Snack Bites!

15 to 16 delicious calories per snack bite and available in four delicious varieties:

  • Almond Popcorn Dipped in Milk Chocolate
  • Almond Popcorn Dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Pecan Popcorn Dipped in Salted Caramel
  • Peanut Popcorn Dipped in Peanut Butter

This is a HOT coupon for a new product.  Typically when new products hit the market the way the manufacturer’s market the new product is by introducing it with a high value coupon.  Remember coupons are like commercials advertisements.  Even if someone doesn’t coupon they may see the ad and be compelled to the buy product.  Another awesome perk about this coupon is that it prints with a long expiration date with the year 2016!!  So print now and hold onto it until you find it.  It will take some time to hit the Hawaii market but will most likely be on the shelves by end of summer!! 

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