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Feb. 11.

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Oct. 28.

List of Where to Purchase Coupons

In Hawaii, we do not get many high value coupons.  The mainland, especially Florida, gets very good coupon inserts.  I personally have a subscription to the local newspaper, weekend subscription.  Then, if a good coupon comes out I call my mom in Florida to send me the ones I need.  She is also a couponer!

You can preview the mainlands Sunday Coupons Inserts at Sunday Coupon Preview.

A key to couponing is to get 1 coupon insert per family member in the household!  You don’t want to over buy because majority of items have expiration dates.  Remember sales have cycles and so do coupons!  The higher value coupons are usually released when there is a new product to help introduce the product to the world.

I suggest if you are ordering coupons and know of a great deal at a store, go to that store the day you buy coupons and put in a special order.  Many stores place special order, go to customer service and ask.  Sometime they may just take items off the shelf and put it in a cart and hold it in the warehouse until you are ready to pick them up!  It is important you do this to ensure you get the deal you hope for!  I special order a lot from the Commissary!  Also, make sure you follow-up with your special order, sales end and you do not want to miss the end date.  Also, many stores offer rain checks, so if the store is out of sale items remember to get the rain check!

Here is a list if you prefer to order mainland inserts.  I do not suggest ordering mainland inserts in lieu of Hawaii inserts.  In Hawaii, we receive different coupons and often different values.  I suggest ordering at least 2 Hawaii inserts to help build your coupon inventory.  Also ebay sells a lot of clipped coupons in case you find a great deal and want to get a few or just prefer to order clipped inserts in lieu of whole coupon inserts.  Know that it is against the law to sell coupons, you are paying for their time to get the inserts/coupons, post the inserts/coupons, package the inserts/coupons and so forth.  If it is clipped coupons you are paying for their time to clip the coupons and so forth.

Also use Facebook to find trading groups where you can swap your unwanted coupons!  Type into the search engine in Facebook, Coupon Swap, Coupon Traders, Tear Pad Trade, etc.  Play with the words and you will find Groups to trade coupons with.  Not all groups will accept your request to join, so send request to many groups.  I trade a lot of coupons this way.

If you team with a friend(s) or family member to go half on the shipping cost it makes it very reasonable to order the inserts.

Here is a company I recommend to order whole coupon inserts:

Also, HERE is a group we created for ordering mainland coupons.  There is no limit so if you want to order just one set you can!  Make sure to go to the Group and read all the details!

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