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Oct. 17.

Military Stores Coupon Policy


The Exchange or Army Air Force Exchange (AAFES) is located on Hickam AFB and Schofield Army Base.  Here is the link to their coupon policy: Click here to read the Exchange coupon policy.  Click HERE to read the Price Match Policy. You can sign up for AAFES sales ad at the customer service desk in the back of the store.

Navy Exchange (NEX) is located in Pearl Harbor.  Click HERE to read the NEX policy.  You can sign up for the NEX sales ad, coupons and scratcher at the Aloha Desk near the kiosks.   NEX gives $.05 credit for each reusable bag they use.  Make sure you remind them to give you credit.

Coast Guard Exchange (CGX) is located on Sand Island.  Here is the link to sign up to receive their sales ad.

Marine Core Exchange (MCX) is located in Kaneohe.  Here is the link to sign up for the email blast or call (877) 803-2375.

Things you should know about shopping at the Exchanges:

  • They do not allow overage so if your item is less than the price of the coupon, the coupon will be adjusted down to the coupon
  • They have Facebook coupons and coupon booklets that come in the sales ad.
  • You can stack an Exchange coupon with a manufacturer coupon for additional savings.
  • A military store coupon is a manufacturer coupon.  An exchange coupon will say Exchange coupon.
  • Trifecta (at least this is what I call it) is when the NEX has a scratcher, there is a sale, and you can use coupons.  This is my favorite type of deal!  You can use all three as well :)  The NEX will accept the Coast Guard and MCX Scratchers. 
  • You can use AAFES coupons at the NEX.  You can use NEX coupons at AAFES.
  • You can use coupons and scratchers at the mini marts/shoppettes/gas station stores.
  • They price match as long as you bring the ad and it is not a limited item, special promotion or offer.  Order: Price match first, use store coupon stacked with manufacturer coupon.
  • CGX and NEX accept each others Scratch Cards.
  • The Exchanges on Schofield and Hickam do not accept NEX or CGX Scratch Cards.
  • All Exchanges, MCX, NEX, CGX allow price matching local stores.
  • NEX allows price matching of select online stores for regular or advertised sales.
  • Remember no price matching clearance or in store specials at any of the Exchanges.

Yankee Candle coupons can be used at the Exchanges: 

Here is my post and the comments from the Exchanges on their facebook pages:

My post “Can you use Yankee Candle Coupons at the Exchanges?”
Navy Exchange replied with: “Ashley, We haven’t seen the coupon, but if it’s a coupon from Yankee Candle, then YES, we can accept. Hope this helps. – Dan”
AAFES replied with “Hi Ashley, we do. However, please read the restrictions on your Yankee Candle coupon for what countries it’s valid in to ensure it includes the country where your Exchange is located in. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!”


Defense Commissary Agencies (DECA, also known as Commissaries) is located next to the NEX in Pearl Harbor, Schofield Army Base, Hickam and Kaneohe Bay.  Here is the link to their coupon policy: Click HERE to read the DECA policy.

Things you should know when using coupons at the Commissary (Defense Commissary Agency):

  • The Commissary does not release any store coupons. All coupons found at the commissary are manufacturer coupons. The easiest way to tell a store coupon from a manufacturer coupon is looking at the fine print. If it ever says Retailer mail this coupon here to xyz to be reimbursed + get $.0x for shipping is a manufacturer’s coupon. This is how we know all military store coupons are manufacturer’s coupons. The exchanges do have store coupons. A store will never waste its overhead money to mail their own coupons back to their corporate office so that is the easiest way to look for a manufacturer’s coupon vs a store coupon.
  • Commissary has a rewards card.  The rewards card is all manufacturer coupons.  Remember you cannot stack manufacturer coupons so you will need to select paper coupon or ecoupon.  Best bet is to have all paper coupons scanned first than your rewards card last.  The reason why you want to do it in this order is that most ecoupons are lower value coupons than paper coupons.  Therefore to receive the greater savings  you want to use your paper coupons first.
  • Accepts special orders. I suggest if you have over 5 coupons or ordering coupons and know what deals you want to special order the day you order your coupons to ensure you get the deal you want.  I suggest you order a couple extra in case you get a couple extra coupons through coupon swaps.  You do not need to take the order when it comes in if you already purchased the items.  You only pay for the order after it comes in and only if you still want it.  You can use coupons on special orders.
  • You can use foreign language coupons as long as the english translation is printed on the coupon.
  • The commissary does NOT price match
  • If a coupon states “No Cash back” on it, that means they are to price adjust the coupon down to the price of the item if the item is less than the stated coupon value.
  • The commissary does allow overages, and if you subtotal is negative they will give you cash back.
  • You canNOT stack coupons, meaning if you have manufacturer and military store coupon you will have to purchase items for each coupon.  Military store coupons are actually manufacturer coupons issued to military stores and are only valid at military stores.  You will notice the UPC starts with a 5 which indicates it is a manufacturer coupon.  Click HERE.
  • BOGO coupons can NOT be stacked with other coupons.  Meaning if you have a BOGO and a $1/1 you would have to buy 3 items in order to use both coupons.  You can NOT stack coupons at the commissary.  To read more, click HERE.
  • If a coupons says buy this to receive $2 off beef and you have a coupon for ‘this’ you can NOT use both unless you buy 2 ‘this’.  To read more click HERE.
  • Commissary accepts FREE and internet printed coupons.
  • You can redeem a manufacturer coupon with another stores logo as long as the coupon does not state “Redeem ONLY at…”  Click HERE to read more.
  • You are charged a 5% surcharge on your purchase before coupons.
  • Everyone wants to know why prices rise around pay-day well here is the answer.  Click HERE to read more.
  • Go HERE to read the latest revision to the policy including not using more than 36 like coupons in one transaction. 

Shopping at Case Lot Sales: 

When Shopping at Case Lot sales you should know that each item in the case is a purchase therefore if you are buying a case you can use coupons for each item in the case.

Example: You want to purchase a case of dial hand soaps which contain 8 units.  You can use a coupon for each unit.  If the coupon is save $1/2 Dial hand soaps than you can use 4 coupons since the case contains 8. 


I hope this helps educate the military shoppers on commissaries coupon policy!
If you have questions please ask.  Also, I suggest you like Defense Commissary Agency on Facebook and read the notes tab on their page.  It is very informative.

Make sure to like on Facebook:

AAFES:  – They have Facebook coupons that change frequently.

NEX: – They have Facebook coupons that change frequently.

DECA: Ever have questions or suggestions about the Commissary, I suggest leaving it on Facebook.  They are really good at responding.

If you ever have a problem on a shopping trip make sure to contact them on Facebook.  I have found this to be a very good way to get answers and to make comments.



  • Notice the Sales ads always have gallon milks under $5. At Comm cheapest milk is $5. Plus you pay 5% surcharge at Comm while you only pay 4.5% outside or no taxes at Exchanges. Remember the mini marts with gas stations sell gallon of milk less so you could price match the sales ads and pay not tax. …every little bit adds up!
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying the milk at the Comm.
  • Also, meat a lot of times you can get better quality and better deals at stores in town versus the commissary. For example, I only buy my chicken now at Target when they have the coupons on them for $3 off. Also sometimes you can find the ground meat with coupons as well. I buy most of my produce now at Times or Safeway as they usually have better deals and better quality than the Commissary!!
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