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May. 24.

Facebook is changing again – Here are 4 tips!

Once again Facebook is changing.  This time it is a change for pages.  For every post posted, Facebook wants to charge page owners to have everyone who has liked the page to be able to view it in their news feed.  The price ranges from $5-$20 per post on how many Shopaholics would see the post.  Here are some tips you can do to ensure you do not miss a post from Hawaii Shopaholics.

Tip #1 – Show in News Feed:

  • Head over to the Hawaii Shopaholics Facebook Page and hover over the “like button” to pull up a drop down list (picture below).
  • Click on “Show in News Feed” to make sure that the posts are feeding into your news feed
  • Do this on each page that you want to stay up to date with.

Tip #2 – Interest List:

Add Hawaii Shopaholics to An Interest List.  This will guarantee you will see what we post on Facebook.

  • Visit the Hawaii Shopaholics Facebook Page
  • Click the drop-down list near the top right next to the Message button.
  • Click Add to Interest Lists.
  • Click New List. Name it whatever you like.

To use the Interest list go to the Facebook Homepage and look for it on the bottom left.  If you don’t see it look for the More link and click it.  Add any person or Fan page you always want to see in your News Feed to this Interest list.

how to setup a facebook interest list

You will find your new Interest List on the Facebook homepage near the bottom left.

how to use a facebook interest list

Tip#3 – Change the View to Post by Page:

If you are visiting the Hawaii Shopaholics Facebook Page and you don’t see what we post.  Change the default setting, Highlights, to, Posts by Page.  This will allow you to see everything we post. You may have to do this each time you visit the page.

You will find this drop-down list near the top and in the center.  It will be grayed out. 

Of course, if you want to see what others have posted you can click Posts by Others.

enable Post by Page on the Facebook Timeline

Tip #4 – Subscribe to the Hawaii Shopaholics Blog:

  • Go to, scroll down a little and look on the left for “Subscribe to Blog via email”
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Subscribe
  • When you receive the first email go to the very bottom of the email and click “Manager Subscription”
  • Change your subscription to daily in lieu of every post if you wish.  I personally have all my subscriptions set to daily at 9-11pm.

Leave a comment if you have other Facebook Timeline suggestions.

Feb. 16.

How to Fix Facebook Updates so you can see Hawaii Shopaholics Posts

The biggest way to ensure you see posts from Hawaii Shopaholics on Facebook is to like, comment and Share our posts.  The more likes or comments you make on the page the more Facebook knows you enjoy the content on  and will move it into your “Top Posts”.  Top Posts is what Facebook sees you enjoying by interacting with the page and sets that as your default, so the friends and pages you interact with the most are moved into this category.  If you do not interact with likes or comments on a page Facebook assumes you don’t really enjoy the content.  Therefore if you want to see our posts remember to like, comment or share the posts you enjoy or find helpful.

Another way you can customize your Facebook and ensure you see all posts from Hawaii Shopaholics is to create List on Facebook.

  • If you go to your Home Page of Facebook.  Look on the Left side for “Lists”.
  • Hover over Lists and on the left side  you will see “More” appear.  Click “More”.
  • Now it will take you to a page where you can customize your Facebook.  Click on the Upper Right side “+ Create List”.
  • Now a box appears to create a List Name – Let’s call it “Hawaii Shopaholics” .
  • On the Right Side click “Manage List” and pick “Add/Remove Friends”
  • Change on the Left Side where it says “Friends” to “Pages”
  • Type in the “Search” box on the Upper Right “Hawaii Shopaholics”
  • Click Hawaii Shopaholics so a check mark appears
  • Click “Finish” on the lower right side
  • Now look on the left side under Lists and Hawaii Shopaholics appears.
  • Now whenever you want to see posts from Hawaii Shopaholics you just have click the name under Facebook and all posts will appear.  This is one way to ensure you will never miss a post again.

Furthermore, you can add this list to your “Favorites at the Top left if you prefer. You can do this by:

  • Under Lists hover the mouse over Hawaii Shopaholics, a pencil on the left will appear, click the pencil.
  • Click “Add to Favorites”
You can use these tips to help you manage the rest of your Facebook account.

Mahalo to all our fans and Happy Shopping!

facebook like