Aug. 08.

Next Grocery Swap is October 9th!

Mark your calendars!  Next Grocery Swap will be October 9th!

Here are some pictures from Today’s Grocery Swap!  We had a lot of fun and got a lot of great items + it was all FREE!

We had a lot of people and I got a lot of feedback on how to improve for next time.

Here is the idea for next Grocery Swap, what do you think?

Line idea:  You will be placed in a line and when it is their turn you will get to walk around the table.  No long stops along the way! When one person is half way around the table the next person will begin. Take your item or items along the walk around the table. Once one person exists the next person will begin.  Since this should be faster we will do 1 item, 2 items, 2 items, 5 items, 5 items at a time until you are tapped out.  This way the good stuff stays longer!  Also please note that the Grocery Swap will last 2-3 hours!  You must arrive before 10am to join the festivities.  We arrive 9am to start counting and checking expiration dates.  Anyone that joins after 10am may or may not be able to join.  Remember this benefits all of us, so any ideas or feedback are greatly appreciated.

Mahalo to everyone who came out!

Whoa!  That is a lot of groceries!  We had 4 tables full of stuff… so much we had to use the benches on both sides to put items on as well :)

The more the merrier :)

 A special Mahalo to everyone who volunteered to count items,check expiration dates and helped keep the table organize!

 Also, Mahalo to all the kids that helped with setting up, carrying items and picking the winners names :)

Mahalo to everyone who sent pictures!  I appreciate you all and hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Here are the items I walked away with Today for FREE!

Also congrats to everyone who won a prize at the end.  I believe all 23 people that stayed to the end received a prize :)

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