Apr. 27.

The Meaning of Money Makers + Examples & Tips

Recently there was a question asked on facebook “What does money maker mean?”

I thought this is a big question and there is a long answer.  Therefore, I thought I should make a post to help answer the question as I know it will be useful information for everyone.

Money Makers are when you get a product FREE plus you earn a little extra money.  

This can happen several ways:

1.  Formula Checks + Coupon.

Formula Checks state the formula must meet the value of the check.  If you have a coupon you can use the coupon on top of the check.  

Example: Check is $5.00 with no size restriction but price restriction, you have a $2.00coupon with no size restriction.  You found the small can formula for $5.47.  Use the check and coupon for the can formula = Money Maker of $1.53.  Yes you can use both together.  A check is money and a coupon is a coupon.  The key is making sure the coupon and description of the product matches.
Tips: Similac Rewards, Enfamil Rewards, Gerber Generation   Sign up for all of them.  Remember to sign you and your spouse up for rewards. 

2.  Rebates  + Coupon.  

Rebates usually state “Purchase Price” which means the price the receipt says next to the item (before coupons).  Next, if you use a coupon on top of the rebate most of the time this will be a money maker.  Remember to look and see if the store will let you stack Store Coupons with manufacturer coupons.  I get a lot of money makers this way because a lot of rebates are either high value or Try me FREE rebates.  To see the list of rebates go HERE.

Example: Use Try me Free Rebate + have $1 coupon = $1 Money Maker
Example #2:  Use $5 Rebate + have $3 Store coupon stacked with $5 manufacturer coupon. The price of the item is only $10 = $3 Money Maker
Tip:  Review these Rebates and pair with your coupons and sales.  You should do this weekly.  

3. Store reusable bag credit + stacking coupons.  

Many stores allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon plus offer reusable credits.  If when you stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon you are getting the item free and than use the reusable bag in many cases this will mean you earn a little extra = small Money Maker but nonetheless a Money Maker!  

Stores that offer reusable credits are:  Times Supermarkets $.03, Foodland $.05, Target $.05, Exchanges $.05, etc…
Tip:  You can ring items up separately to earn more bag credits.  I do this frequently at Target.  

4.  Walgreens Register Reward + Coupons.  

Walgreens offer Free products after RR frequently.  If you have a coupon to use for the FREE product after RR = Money Maker :)

Example:  Buy this $16 Probiotic and receive $16 RR and you have $5 coupon = $5 Money Maker. 

5. Coupon is more than the price of the item.  

We would head to Walmart or Commissary where they give you the full value of the coupon which = Money Maker.  

Example:  Renu is in travel size for $1.67 and you have a $2.00 coupon for any size = Money Maker
Tip #1:  Look at sales ads weekly and match up your coupons.  If you ever have a coupon that is higher than the price of the item, price match at Walmart and use coupon so you can score the money maker.  If you do not wish to purchase anything else at Walmart they will give you cash back.  Many stores will price adjust the coupon or not accept the coupon so use Walmart’s price matching to your advantage. 
Tip #2:  Read your coupon for size restriction.  If coupon does not state any size, run to Walmart and look at Travel size or smallest size item you can buy with that coupon.  Many times it will be a Money Maker. 

6. Coupon + Reward Program.

Check to see if the item you are buying has a reward program.  If you are getting an item for FREE with coupon + Reward, in many cases it will equal a Money Maker.

Example:  I recently had $2 Nature Made coupons and scored FREE Magnesium.  Nature Made has a Reward Program to enter the code on each vitamin you purchase.  Once you reach so many points you can redeem for prizes.  One of the prizes is $7 Nature Made coupon = Money Maker keeps giving back :)
Tip:  Nature Made Rewards Site - earn high value coupons and healthy rewards.  Here is Coupons for Nature Made.  Watch for sales as you may be able to score the same deal :)

***If I think of more I will let you know.  If you know of a way to earn money makers please share with everyone.  


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